RF Coaxial Connectors

RF Coaxial Connectors & Contacts

Sabritec's complete line of RF Coaxial connectors feature our SCX, MDHC, MDCX, SMP, SMPM, grounded circular, Torque isolation connectors. Contacts include:MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404, ARINC 600 and our new high frequency contacts. Our Coaxial line is ideal for board to board stacking arrangements. Our coaxial line is used in several integrated avionic, navigation and communication systems, as well as for satellites for military, commercial, space and telecom applications.

Coax Connectors / Contacts

pdf icon MDHC (High Frequency Micro-D Coax Connectors)


Spring loaded High Frequency Micro-D Coax Connectors (MDHC) have a low VSWR up to 40 GHz (typ). These connectors have a constant 50 ohm airline impedance interface and are 30% smaller than our SCX coaxial connectors. Each coax contact has a maximum overall diameter of Ø.133" fitted into a low-profile metalized or plastic housing. MDHC coaxial contacts are a drop in replacement to Sabritec’s MDCX RF contacts with an increased.

Insert arrangements available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 way coax assemblies with mixed signal and power contacts available in hybrid arrangements. frequency range from 10 GHz to 40 GHz. These connectors are RoHS compliant.

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pdf icon MDCX Multipin Coax Connectors

Multipin coax connectors with low VSWR of 1.25:1 up to 10 GHz (max mated pair). Each spring loaded contact has a maximum diameter of 0.125" fitted into a low profile metalized housing. Insert arrangements available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 way coax assemblies with mixed signal and power contacts available in hybrid arrangements. These connectors are RoHS compliant.

Click Here for Electrical Test Report MDCX Connectors


SCX Coax Connectors

pdf icon SCX Connectors

SCX connectors feature a .145” maximum overall diameter with a .375” overall length for the mated connector pair. A revolutionary designed air dielectric interface resulting in exceptional RF performance with a 50-ohm characteristic impedance maintained throughout the mated connector pair. The result is an extremely small and rugged high frequency RF connector series with exceptionally low VSWR (1.25:1) from DC to 20 GHz.

SMP Coax Connectors

pdf icon SMP/SMPM Connectors

Features a snap-in vibration proof connection, suitable for high shock mobile applications and space level connector requirements of extreme random vibration, thermal shock and outgassing environments. Frequency range is DC-40 GHz with low VSWR and insertion loss (dB) parameters of 0.10 dB max.

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Semi-Rigid Coax Connectors

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pdf icon Semi-Rigid Coax Connectors

(Patent# 6,902,422 and 6,878,008)

The rear body of the coaxial connector is extended to alleviate stress against the cable to connector solder joint. The slotted extension straddles the semi-rigid cable confining it to its initial direction while increasing the mutual solder surfaces between the cable and connector body.

Coax contacts


pdf icon MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404, ARINC 600

Coax contacts include size 5, 9 and 12 contacts for various cable types and PC tail configurations. The cable types will include RG-178 and RG-316 and numerous low-loss cable configurations.

Grounded Circular Connectors

pdf icon Grounded Circular

This series is designed to ground the outer shield of a triax or coax contact directly to the shell of the connectors. An innovative designed multi-finger contact spring mechanism fixed within each metalized grounded connector cavity serves a dual purpose. Acting as a mechanically sound and well proven contact retention clip mechanism as well as a multi-finger contact engagement point for superior EMI shielding resulting in extremely low contact resistance values when measured from the coax or triax contact outer body to the connector flange. Contact resistance is 5 milli-ohms max.


pdf icon High Frequency Coax Contacts

High Frequency Coax Contacts

Sabritec‘s High Frequency Coax Contacts are engineered with a “float mount” design to assure high performance (low VSWR) at microwave frequencies by preventing any air gap at the mating interface. These contacts are to be terminated to .086 diameter flexible cables.

  • Size 8 and 12 cavities for MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404/600
  • Fits Size 8 cavity for MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub
  • Spring loaded for optimum contact mating force
  • High frequency performance
  • Low VSWR • Size 8: 1.15:1 Typ Mated Pair
  • Size 12: 1.25:1 Typ Mated Pair
  • Insertion Loss:
  • 0.15 dB to 26.5 GHz Typ (Size 8)
  • 0.2 dB to 40 GHz Typ (Size 12)
  • Socket contacts are spring loaded float mount
  • Rugged interface works even if misaligned

Size 8 and 12 MIL-DTL-38999 contacts are available through our authorized distributors

Low Loss Coaxial Connectors – RF High Frequency Product Series DC – 18 GHz

Sabritec now has available a complete series of high frequency low loss coaxial RF connector products with Type “N”, “TNC” & “SMA” & 2.4 mm interfaces. The low loss RF Coaxial Connector product offering includes High Frequency (DC – 18 GHz) standard RF connector interfaces for a series of low loss RF cables such as LL 120, LL 142, & LL 393 type cable series. This expands Sabritec’s current RF product series of multi-pin low loss coaxial interconnects offered in a variety of formats and insert arrangement for Mil-Dtl-38999, Arinc 600, D-Sub and Micro-D connector formats.

  • Full Crimp Design of Center and Outer Shield
  • Extended Crimp Barrel for added strain relief for tight bend radiau applications
  • Extremely low VSWR 1.15:1 up to 18 GHz
  • Moisture resistant sealing. IP 67 compliant in mated pair condition
  • Available in a wide variety of Mil-Std-348 RF connector interfaces
  • Fits a wide range of low-loss cables offered from a variety of cable manufacturers
  • Precision machined Stainless Steel and Copper Alloy Connector Components
  • Gold plated center contacts and crimp assemblies


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